About Us


 Welcome to Fiber Pharm! 
If you do not know who we are, let us introduce ourselves and tell you why we started Fiber Pharm!  We are a Mother/Daughter team who have loved needlepointing for as long as we can remember.  We love canvases, different stitches, unique finishes and mostly, we love all kind of fibers.
So where did this passion start? Well, it started with Suz!
Cynthia’s mother, Sharon, aka Suz taught Cynthia to stitch and she was hooked.  When Meaghan was old enough, Cynthia taught her and her first project was a small, watermelon pillow as a gift to Suz.
Suz is truly the reason we are here today.  When Suz passed away, we gathered all of her fibers and created Meaghan’s first real stash.  We organized by mesh size, color and brand.  Meaghan was off and running kitting all of her canvases.
We love selecting the perfect fiber for our projects. We think the best feeling is getting a new canvas, going through our stash to kit the project and buying only new fibers if we need them.
With a joint passion for fibers, we created Fiber Pharm!  A place for you to get your Fiber Fix. A place where you can create your first stash, replenish your existing stash or purchase that one fiber to complete your canvas.  Our goal is be inclusive while educating and supporting your passion for stitching. We are so happy you are here and joining us on our new adventure!
May your stash be full, your fibers be fun, and your projects get to the finisher in time!